Joburg set to reallocate informal traders in the Inner City

The City of Johannesburg invites all informal traders who have been verified to present themselves at Metro Mall to be issued with new Smart Cards.

The issuing of the new smart cards paves that way for the allocation of stand for trading to happen in the Inner City of Johannesburg. Metro Mall is situated on number 171 Bree Street on the corner of Bree Street and Sauer Street.

The City of Johannesburg acknowledges the relevance and contribution of informal trading to the economic and social life of the City. Informal Trading provides income to the unemployed and also represent an alternative to established formal retail sector.

The City aims to develop the sector and its participants to be commercially viable, and this will in turn contribute to the economic growth of the City and the quality of life of its citizens in a sustainable manner.

While the needs of street traders to sustain their livelihood and exploit future economic opportunities are important, a balance has to be struck with the needs of commuters, pedestrians, formal businesses, residents and other users of the side walk space. In this way, the City of Johannesburg can have clean, safe and well-organised public environments.

As part of the ongoing efforts by the City to create a conducive environment for informal trading, the City of Johannesburg leadership continues to meet with the informal sector leadership to improve trading in the Inner City.

InformalTrading in JohannesburgIssued by: City of Johannesburg

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