Enough is Enough!!

Say NO to gender-based violence

For too many years, South African women and children have placed their lives in the hands of the men, in and out of politics.

And rather than build a better nation, those hands have committed violence against women and children, stripped them of their rights, denied them decent education, and forced too many to live frightened and unsafe lives in their homes and in their communities.

We women will no longer be treated as a dependent, cowering minority. The truth is: We are the majority.

We will use our own hands to build a new South Africa. Our hands are as powerful as they are nurturing.

And we call on each and every one of our men – young and old – to stand with us to make gender-based abuse history.

Real men do not abuse women and children – they too are hurt by the disgraceful culture of violence and dangerous attitudes that pervade our nation.

It is our collective voices, our demand for rights, our sense of family and moral compass that will build a safe South Africa for all.

We will exercise our constitutional rights as citizens to vote for a government that delivers genuine security and excellent education.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act together to affirm the right to dignity and freedom for all in our beautiful country.

We will take South Africa out of the darkness of economic and social deprivation and into the bright future we all believed was ours when we threw off the shackles of apartheid.

It is our job. It is possible. And we will to do it.

Agang SAEnough is enough!

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