EFF members join AgangSA

AgangSA Political Director Moeketsi Mosola and Women’s Organiser Vanessa Hani today welcomed over a hundred citizens to the party as former members of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) renounced and joined AgangSA.

Speaking at a press briefing at the party’s National Headquarters in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Mosola and Hani were joined by the new members who include senior former members of EFF’s Gauteng structures including Pule Matshitshe the former Gauteng Provincial Organiser, Nozi Poswayo, Provincial Co-ordinator and 15 other key members from the EFF’s Gauteng structures as well as over a hundre former members.

Moeketsi Mosola said:
“AgangSA goes from strength to strength. Today we welcome more new members who believe in the hope that AgangSA can restore the promise of freedom for all.
“Young people across the country respect Dr Ramphele’s integrity and life-long fight for freedom. People from all walks of life see that AgangSA is the only non-racial home for all South Africans.

“We will welcome all citizens who respect and live by AgangSA’s values and those of the struggle: dignity, equality and freedom.

“AgangSA’s thousands of members and volunteers are mobilizing now to bring change in 2014. The new members will be expected to work hard in their structures and progress on merit, like any other party member.

“After nearly 20 years of stealing by ANC leaders, we must change course now and re-align South African politics or corruption will rob us all of our future. AgangSA is going to kick corrupt leaders out of government and restore dignity, hope and freedom for all.”
The new members made a public declaration of loyalty to AgangSA and party leader Dr Mamphela Ramphele, pledging to uphold the party’s values of equality, freedom and dignity and to represent AgangSA’s values of accountability, transparency, competence and Ubuntu, in line with the ideals of the struggle for freedom.

Speaking on behalf of the new members, Pule Matshitshe said:

“We are proud to become members of AgangSA and we urge all young and right-minded people across the country to join the party. We trust Dr Ramphele to lead our country and we trust AgangSA to tackle corruption, poverty and inequality.

Agang SA“This is the leader who can change our country. She has spent her life fighting for freedom and has shown us what she owns, unlike other leaders who are stealing from our country”.

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