AgangSA rejects EFF’s claims about defection of its members

AgangSA rejects with contempt claims by the EFF that it lured the almost 300 of members to defect to it with money.

This proves the poverty of thought and ideas in the EFF that our new members have walked away from to join AgangSA, where critical debate is valued.

The wild, unsubstantiated claims reflect the unfortunate tendency in our country to substitute insults for debate; and to drag down political discourse to levels at which the likes of the EFF are comfortable participating – including character assassinations and insults.

For the record, the new members, including 15 senior members in Gauteng, left the EFF because of its unrealistic policies they felt would take the country nowhere.

They declared publicly that they were attracted to AgangSA by the party’s commitment to internal democracy as well as its vision of restoring the promise of freedom – including a vibrant economy that created decent jobs, better healthcare and education systems, safe neighbourhoods as well as a clean, competent government.

Young people across the country respect our party leader, Dr Mamphela Ramphele’s integrity and life-long fight for freedom. People from all walks of life see that AgangSA is the only truly non-racial home for all South Africans – Agang SAIssued by Thabo Leshilo, Communications Director, AgangSA

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