Interview: Ephraim Molingoana (Ephymol) a striving brand in the SA Fashion Industry

Ephymol is a household name in the SA fashion industry. The clothing label was established in 2002 by Ephraim Molingoana, a former model himself. Since then he has showcased his products all over SA and abroad. This A-list designer has graced many stages with his stylish and elegant clothing complemented by a touch of retro.

Among many other shows, he has participated in is The SA Fashion Week, Sanlam Fashion Week, Jo’burg Fashion Week, Audi Fashion Week, Cape Town Fashion Week and many more. Ephymol has grown his brand over a period of time through hard work and dedication. He has a range of clothing in selected Edgars stores and boasts a large clientele of celebrities, sports personalities, musicians and top business executives.

What according to your experience makes a successful entrepreneur?

What makes a successful entrepreneur is dedication towards one’s field of work. Always being hands-on regardless of your position and being approachable. Your humanity and mostly your manners will definitely make you a desirable successful entrepreneur.

A lot of people start their companies but fail to deal with the day to day operations. How are you able to keep the business’ stability and your clients coming back for more?

Delivering cutting edge work, not creating a vacuum of credit and being able to meet your client halfway without compromising quality and mostly being yourself. Personal touch leaves a good sight and relief towards your clients is not all PA work-related.

Looking at SA economy today, what opportunities would you say are there for up and coming business people?

The opportunities are vast yet very competitive. As we now have an open market, we need to challenge our skills and be more pro-active. We have the best Constitution in the world, so let’s use every means of building our entrepreneurs by supporting one another.

What in your opinion can kill a business that aspiring business men and women should avoid at all costs?

Credit and spending more can kill a business. The less you spend on your profit the better chance for growth of your business. As much as you love people and understand their problems, don’t be a fan of credit. This will sink your business. Avoid debts by all means.

What motivation or training programmes do you think are important for employees?

Motivation and training programmes that are important for employee are respect, self-motivation, being valued, being loyal on what you are doing and mostly being friendly and accommodating.


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