Children’s Eco training Kit-A kid campaign

As the year is slowly winding down it’s time to launch our Kit-a-Kid project again to help as many children as possible have the opportunity to go to school next year.

Many children in the Acornhoek area are not allowed to attend schools if they do not have the correct attire and the Kit a Kid initiative has made a massive impact on many lives by providing school uniforms to hundreds of children, thereby enabling them to have access to valuable education.

Allow us the opportunity to thank you for your support in previous years. By providing these children with something as basic as a school uniform you have helped to instill a greater sense of pride and responsibility with learners.

Thanks to your help they now look forward to attending school and embracing their learning environment without worrying about being dressed accordingly.

We hope that we can count on your continued support in order to ensure as many children as possible can prepare for their first day of school with excitement instead of worry. Every child deserves that unforgettable feeling of nervous anticipation as they put on their school uniform for the first time.

You can help them have that feeling!

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