GP looks to do business faster, smarter

Pretoria – Business should report incidents of key projects being delayed as a result of red tape, Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel says.
“Business, in particular, as well as the Gauteng provincial government has been invited to identify the key projects that are delayed as a result of red tape or lack of infrastructure,” said Patel at a provincial investors’ conference on Thursday.

“We will focus on unblocking as many of these projects as possible. We have established a ministerial team to overcome blockages to major private sector investments and programmes,” he explained.

Patel said government was working to ensure a more low-cost environment for businesses and workers through the Competition Commission.

“Its remedies ensure both a stimulus to industrial production and improved living conditions for working people.”

He said the recent establishment of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordination Commission will drive public investment initiatives, while also speeding up decision-making and delivery.

The commission brings together all the economic and infrastructure ministries, premiers, and executive mayors of the metros as well as other stakeholders.

“Government has committed to increasing investment in infrastructure and people which are necessary to support private sector investment and to provide opportunities for our people,” he said.

He said South Africa continued to face “deep poverty”, high levels of joblessness and severe income inequities.

The Gauteng province is key to supporting government’s overall development and growth objectives.

“Jobs are now at the centre of our national economic policy… Central to Gauteng’s continued prosperity is the maintenance of high-quality, low-cost infrastructure.”

Patel said infrastructure was a jobs driver in the New Growth Path.

“The provision of infrastructure is a central responsibility of the state. Gauteng has the advantage of relatively of the state. Gauteng has the advantage of relatively advanced economic, social and household infrastructure,” said Patel. – BuaNews

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