BBBEE Consultants

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Transformation remains very emotive and complex with far-reaching social, economic and even political impact. Discussions on transformation still tend to provoke strong reactions, often with divergent views with key stakeholders, both in business and politics. Transcend recognises the importance of facilitating these conversations so that social distance amongst all stakeholders is reduced. This approach together with our deep repository of best practice enables us to assist you to successfully implement Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in a way that is aligned to your business strategy and involves wide stakeholder participation. This acts as a positive foundation towards sustainable transformation and “Getting Transformation Right”.

n 2005 a handful of employees determined to support the emergence of BEE founded what was then known as Ownership Solutions. The business grew and evolved with the relatively young BEE industry, and in 2008 it merged with another consultancy to become ‘Transcend’. Since then we have grown further to be a leader in the BEE arena – with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals driving sustainable transformation across the South African economy.
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