Dysfunctional municipalities’ redtape hinders service delivery


South Africa, a higher middle income country, is privileged to have better access to financial resources than most of its Southern African peers.

Nonetheless, this has not worked to the country’s advantage as redtape from dysfunctional municipalities continues to hinder the progress of most of the public infrastructure projects. Transform SA Online gathered this from an interview that the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Dlamini had with weekly broadsheet, Sunday Times.

“Projects are being hampered by lack of transparency and bureaucracy. As a result of this, it takes a long time for projects to be brought to the market. This discourages the would-be private sector investors with which we want to partner,” he bemoaned.

To address the situation, Dlamini suggested urgent consideration of restructuring of local government at an operational level to raise supervisory capacity where project planning and planning are done.

It is not unusual that sporadic service delivery protests in various communities countrywide are now common.

Currently, about 180 municipalities are under-resourced. They have overall very poor skills capacity and sound corporate governance is seldom followed, if at all.

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One thought on “Dysfunctional municipalities’ redtape hinders service delivery

  1. There is one root to the problem – cadre deployment. Sending comrades to fields they are not qualified in. That’s setting them to failure. The sad part is that consequences of this deny the average citizen access to excellent basic service, which is their right as tax payers! I am gatvol!

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