Social grants perpetuate inequality – Black Like Me Founder



Herman Mashaba does not pull any punches when expressing his opinions on topical socio-economic matters affecting the country. At times, his views are taken with a pinch of salt, as someone who has openly expressed his support for the opposition party, Democratic Alliance (DA). However, for the most part, he raises fascinating points.

As regards social grants, Mashaba says the system’s supposedly good intentions are producing unintended consequences, which means that something must be wrong. Instead of narrowing the gap between the poor blacks at the rung of society and the well-to-do, it is only worsening the situation.

While acknowledging that society should provide for the elderly and destitute, Mashaba warns: “We must take care not to create a dependency culture among people who would rather have a hand-out than find a job. Social grants destroy the dignity of the recipient.

Instead of postponing the inevitable, which is instilling a self-help mindset, Black Like Me Founder and a fervent free market advocate believes government has to take decisive action.

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