Poor 2014 matric maths, physical science results worrying


News that the 2014 matric results in maths and physical science are worse than the previous years’ (2013) should be disheartening to those who would like to see the country produce more engineers and doctor.

The 2014 matric results for mathematics, mathematics literacy and physical science were worse than in 2013, monitoring body Umalusi announced on 30th December 2014.

During a press briefing in Pretoria, Umalusi council chairman, Prof John Volmink, attributed the poor performance to changes in the mathematics syllabus following the inclusion of Euclidean geometry and probability.

Acknowledging that the curriculum would still prove a challenge to most pupils in the 2015 school calendar, Volmink said: “This was shown in the learner performance in that there is a significant increase in the failure rate compared with 2013.

“However, learners at the top experienced the mathematics examination much easier.”

The 2014 Matric results were due to be announced as this article was being posted online.

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