Road Accident Fund (RAF) amendment could absolve affected drivers

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Changes to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) Act will result into accident victims receiving medical treatment for 30 days regardless of whether they are at fault or not, a statement from RAF reveals.

The no-fault scheme, known as the Road Accident Benefit Scheme [RABS], is ongoing, but until its implementation, further amendments to the act are necessary to facilitate effective and efficient delivery of services and continue to improve the liquidity and sustainability of the RA.

The fault-based compensation system is set to be replaced with a no-fault system – absolving the affected driver from civil liability – under the intended RABS.

The draft bill proposes various changes to the current system, according to the statement. First, it will empower the transport minister to draw up a list of serious injuries sustained from road crashes.

In addition, stresses the statement: “it will enable victims who suffer serious injuries contained in the list to qualify for a lump sum for general damages from the Road Accident Fund, thus greatly reducing the cost, time and inconvenience associated with certain claimants having to be formally assessed for these injuries.”

The bill also makes provision for the payment of funeral expenses on a no-fault basis but subject to an overall cap.

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