No end to misery for Rustenburg Miners

minng town


Almost five months after the end of the protracted strike, Impats Mine employees are yet to experience the fruits of their action. In fact some of them feel they were far much better off before the strike, A Transform SA field reporter gathered on his recent trip to Rustenburg.
“I rue participating in the strike,” says Acuna* 29, who comes from Eastern Cape. “It has only worsened my situation”
For the past five months, for most of the five months Acuna* has been servicing loans he had defaulted to loansharks, leaving him with virtually.
“I can’t even buy myself groceries for a week. And my family looks forward from your. It’s distressing.”
The most enterprising amongst the miners operators run small tuck shops sells anything from loose cigarettes to cold drinks.
If might get worse to get better – if ever it will. Workers are not sure whether they will be employed in the next six months as Anglo American announced that it is might be selling some of its assets

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