Post office privatisation could marginalise rural communities


SA Post Office

From a business perspective, taking into account the protracted impasse between casual workers and Post Office management which is adversely affecting the delivery of postal services to customers, privatisation of the organisation is a critical step that should be taken. Ultimately, it would make the business more efficient and robust, providing customers with real value for their hard-earned money.
However, once in private hands, it is possible that that the new owners might only operate in areas where they might deem commercially viable. Hence, they might be compelled to terminate services in other parts of the country.
The Post Office still remained relevant to the country’s majority in spite of competition it is facing from ICT services, the Post Office still remained relevant. It services most rural areas.
Evidently, the government should take a rational decision on the future of the Post Office as it considers feasible ways to make the organisation competitive and relevant in a changing operating environment.

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