Incredible! Teenage girls creating computer code


Thuli Sibeko is one woman who has taken it upon herself to transform the mindset of teenage girls socialised to pursue career choices which are still traditionally considered to be the preserve of women. Her initiative, Girls Invent Tommorrow, mentors young South African girls in computer skills through intensive training sessions.

Through the groundbreaking programme, young girls are learning how to create computer code for the first time.

Girls Invent Tommorrow’s training sessions focus on educating small groups of girls, allowing for one-on-one engagements, Sibeko tells Transform SA.

“This format promotes open engagement amongst the girls, encouraging them to fully immerse themselves in the sessions and to take as much as possible from the coding session.”

Who knows? Possibly one day South Africa could create its own version of Silicon Valley, the nerve centre of the US ICT sector. It starts with a vision and a step towards its realisation. And, commendably, Sibeko has a taken a bold step

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