Gauteng Premier vows to revitalise township entrepreneurship

gauteng premier

Millions of township residents can be brought into the mainstream of the economy, noted Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, in his State of the Province Address.

He said the hidden potential in townships should not be underestimated. “Township entrepreneurs are capable of producing food such as bread for school nutrition and hospitals, clothes for school and police uniforms and furniture for government offices.”

As part of the initiative, the Premier revealed that  the first SMME Incubation Hub in Diepsloot will be launched. “This is a ground-breaking initiative that will set an example of township economy revitilisation.”

Makhura’s pro-SMME SOPA has raised expectations amongst township-based small businesses in Gauteng Province. “I do believe the Premier was not just making a political statement. The good thing is that he has committed a time frame to what he has promised. I am encouraged,” a young talented carpenter from Sharpeville told Transform SA.

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