Consumers to pay more for poultry products


With the anti-dumping measures aimed at EU imports on the cards, consumers will no longer have the option of a wide variety of poultry products from the local and international producers at low cost.

The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) has successfully applied for the imposition of anti-dumping regulation against poultry products imported from European Union countries to the International Trade and Administration Commission ITAC).

SAPA has proved that a prima facie case exists that shows the local industry is suffering material injury from dumped poultry produced by EU member countries, SAPA’s CEO, Kevin Lovell, says. He expresses relief that preliminary anti-dumping duties have been applied to imports from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

The development is not without a grey area, though, which needs some explanation, observes Lovell. “It remains a little puzzling why differing anti-dumping duties were applied against poultry from Germany and the Netherlands,” he says. “We will be requesting clarity in this regard.”

Proponents of free market have interpreted the SAPA’s actions as anti-competitive. However, Lovell defends the move as the only practical way of “levelling the playing field”.

Meanwhile, consumers won’t be celebrating with local producers, as, once the anti-dumping regulations take effect, they are expecting to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for their favourite poultry products.

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