The disabled aboard Prasa’s fleet renewal programme


The disabled do not need pity or handouts, but a springboard from where they can build their lives and thrive singlehandedly. That’s the objective of Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa’s (PRASA) Fleet Renewal programme that, conspicuously, seems to have been ignored in the media.

Through awarding of contracts to among others, organisations of disabled people, PRASA is a trailblazer in exploring a sustainable way of empowering the disabled in the country.

Disability Empowerment Concerns (DEC) is an organisation of disabled people mandated to participate in landmark deals in South Africa for the benefit of disabled people. DEC holds 35% of Elgin-Identity Rail Corporation which has been awarded 7% of the R51 Billion Fleet Renewal Programme of PRASA.

The Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) is impressed by PRASA’s gesture of leading the way to true empowerment of disabled people through the awarding of contracts to among others, organisations of disabled people.“This deal is not only groundbreaking, but also signals an important epoch in the empowerment of disabled people in South Africa. We call upon all corporates and State Owned Enterprises to emulate this important example asled by PRASA.”

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