Strap BEE for EED now!


Perfectly illustrated by corruption and incompetence, apparently, the policy of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) has backfired, and an intervention is overdue before the country irrevocably plunges into an abyss of deterioration.

A more pragmatic alternative to BEE would be the policy of Economic Empowerment for the Disadvantaged (EED) being developed by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), said Head of the Institute of Race Relations, Dr Frans Cronje.“EDD will ensure that poor people become the focus of policy. It seeks to use socio-economic status to prioritise access to the building blocks of economic advancement, such as education, employment, and entrepreneurship. These, coupled with rapid rates of economic growth, will allow poor people to pull themselves out of poverty and into the middle classes.”

Conspicuously, Cronge did not elaborate on how different EDD would be implemented from BEE apart from the fact that it would benefit all races. Both EDD and BEE prioritise education, employment and entrepreneurship.

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