4 points on how to excel as a BEE appointment


Of course you qualified for that job advertisement specified EE. But it’s not just enough to be a tickbox Affirmative Action (AA) employee of an organisation. You need to prove yourself. Consider your position as a golden opportunity to excel.

Bear in mind that not everybody who grins in your presence wishes you the best. Some could be orchestrating your exit. They might create barriers meant to frustrate you and place them in your path. Haven’t you heard of constructive dismissal?

The following tips will ensure that you don’t become a mere statistic meant to fulfil quotas in an organisation (a manager responsible for facebook, twitter and instagram compliance):

Excellence – no stereotype or barrier can triumph over excellence. Ultimately, your optimal performance speaks volumes about your calibre not your melanin enriched complexion

Perseverance – The perseverance streak has to be part of your DNA. Otherwise toughen up! The modern corporate world is not your lovey-dovey mother’s home. It’s one ruthless domain where opportunities are shrinking and everyone strives to stay relevant and be part of the company’s future plans. Dealing with brutal office politics is an occupation hazard.

Patience – You need dollops of it. Who told you that you can have your things your way all the time? So, when you want a salary increase, don’t stage one man picket holding a placard “I shredded more confidential documents so I demand the CEO’s salary. Phansi slave wages, phansi!”

Innovation – Who told you that your qualifications from a degree mill from the internet are enough and you can sit on the swirve chair and wait for your next pay cheque? Haven’t you heard that a new day at the office is a fresh challenge? Think and explore different ways of adding value to the organisation. The expression: “Knowledge is power” is not a cliché.

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