Accounting convenience in plain language

SME Easy

Mention ‘accounting packages for small businesses’. To a layman, the image this evokes is software written in some incomprehensible language.

ButSMEasy, an online accounting and business management system, brings much needed convenience to operations of small businesses. In addition, the system caters for customer communication management, allowing the business to send customers scheduled SMSes to remind them of appointments and related errands.

Written in simple English, it simply requires users to input the details of what they bought (or sold), how much it cost and how it was paid for. The system does all the work to produce financial records. All of which means the user no longer requires a degree in accounting to manage the business finances like a pro, and it makes it easy for them to provide the information needed by their accountant to compile their financial statements required to access finance.

As it is an online service, it is more convenient and secure than traditional, non-cloud based services – it is available to the business owner anytime, anywhere and all business data can be backed up at a click of the mouse.

Dimension Data’s small and medium business Cloud customers will be have access to SMEasy. This follows the information technology company’s deal with SMEasy, the package’s developers.

In a press release availed to Transform SA, Stephen Green, Executive for Next Generation Data Centres MEA, Dimension Data, explained that SMEasy offered immense benefits for small business development in South Africa.

“The SME sector is the engine room of South Africa’s economy. As the fastest growing sector in the country there is an increasing need to provide suitable products and services that are tailored for this market. By partnering with SMEasy, it is one way we can provide alternatives for Enterprise Development spend. As a result it enables larger businesses to empower qualifying small enterprises in their supply chain with value add product offerings that are specifically developed for the SME market.”

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