Regenesys and Microsoft 4Afrika, join forces to break the barriers to education


Although education is a right, it remains a privilege for most, especially when it comes to tertiary education.  Microsoft 4Afrika changes this reality and breaks the financial barriers to education by partnering with leading tertiary institutions around the world to offer opportunities to young future African leaders. The partnership with Regenesys Business School will provide scholarships for business qualifications.

Initially, 1 000 scholarships will be made available to deserving candidates through the  4Afrika Youth Project as part of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative and provides mentorship, leadership and technical training, certification, university-level education, and employment opportunities for promising African students.

Bursaries for the following Regenesys e-learning qualifications will be available: Higher Certificates in Business Management (HCBM) and Postgraduate Business Management Diplomas. These qualifications will be completed via e-learning, utilising the specialised Regenesys delivery platform.

Applications for the scholarship are invited from across Africa between the ages of 18 and 34, with preference given to applicants from Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, the Ivory Coast and Rwanda.

Siegie Brownlee, Chief Executive Officer, Regenesys Business School says, “Regenesys wishes to promote access to free business knowledge and skills to people who are hindered from accessing higher learning due to financial restrictions and socio-economic challenges. This partnership will create a meaningful change.”

“In many places on the continent, human capital remains scarce compared to the continent’s development needs. The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is about actively engaging in Africa’s economic development, which is why we see it as critical to enhance access to higher-level education institutions,” says Patrick Onwumere, Director-Youth Enablement, Africa Initiatives at Microsoft. “We are thrilled to be extending the opportunities for young Africans by partnering with top tertiary institutions like the University of the People, and now Regenesys, which shares our vision of providing education, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities to African youth.”  

The scholarship initiative gives many African students a competitive edge addressing skills shortage and unemployment issues on the continent. The partnership between Regenesys and Microsoft 4Afrika demonstrates both entities’ vision for awakening the potential in others and making a difference in a lasting and meaningful way.

Applicants for the bursary can apply on the Regenesys Foundation website (

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