Motshekga will not tolerate Violence in Schools

Angelina Matsie Motshekga

The Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angelina Matsie Motshekga is outraged at the recent violent incidents reported in schools. Schools should remain a no violence zone where educators and learners can feel safe and secure in order for teaching and learning to take place.

Violence will not be tolerated in schools whether it is perpetuated by teachers, learners or parents. Corporal punishment is not an option either as this is a form of violence in itself. Parents and communities need to come on board and take responsibility for instilling a sense of what is right and wrong in our children. Schools should not be the only place where children are taught morals as this should begin at home.

The Minister is disturbed by the violent behaviour of a Glen Vista Grade 8 learner and would recommend all of those present be given trauma counselling after this violent event. This incident must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and the relevant punishment must be met out. The student responsible together with the other learners who were cheering him on should all be disciplined accordingly.

In the same light teachers who perpetuate violence by using unconventional and illegal methods of discipline should be prosecuted and moved out of the schooling system.

Provincial Education Departments must deal decisively with instances of violence and the law must be followed to the letter. There are a number of policies in place that form part of the South African Schools Act which must be implemented at a provincial level.

We encourage schools to ask learners to take the school pledge launched earlier this year which talks to the rights and responsibilities of school learners as well as to familiarise learners with the Bill of Responsibilities for the Youth of South Africa which encourages children and youth to take responsibility for their futures.

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