AgangSA on Zuma’s signing of Gauteng e -tolling into law

“President Zuma’s arrogance is the final straw in the endless e-tolling debacle, having this week signed the scheme in to law then jetted off, leaving Gauteng in uproar.

“Why was this critical decision rushed through just days before the Supreme Court of Appeal was to due decide on whether the system should be reviewed”?

“This ANC government has dismissed the people of Gauteng at every turn and at every level. They just will not listen. They have failed to consult adequately and ignore the opposing views of business, road users and now even the churches.

“We are made to pay over and over again for the roads and the whole scheme is hugely overpriced. We’re told the money raised will go out of the country to foreign companies. Then we are accused of being traitors for not buying e-tags. There is no provision of alternative transport either in terms of roads or integrated public transport, forcing us to use the tolled Gauteng freeways.

“Now they want to make us all criminals, but how will compliance be enforced? How will the courts handle hundreds of thousands of cases?

“The President burns his bridges as he robs us to build the roads. AgangSA is one with the people of Gauteng and OUTA in taking a stand and supporting all legal protest. We are running out of road but there is still time for common sense to prevail and for the ANC government to re-think”.

Issued by Agang SAMoeketsi Mosola, Political Director, AgangSA

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