Women’s lives improving in SA – survey

Two in every three young people believe that the lives of women in South Africa are getting better.

As the country prepares to celebrate Women’s Day on Friday 9 August, a survey conducted by Pondering Panda has found that out of the 3 258 interviewed, about 64% felt the lives of women in this country were improving, compared to 21% who felt they were getting worse.

The remaining 12% felt that the quality of women’s lives was staying the same. Shirley Wakefield, spokesperson for Pondering Panda, said: “If the opinion of young people is anything to go by, the lives of the majority of women in South Africa appear to be getting better.

“While this is good news, we shouldn’t get complacent – 1 in 3 still feel the lives of women either aren’t changing or are getting worse.

“Women’s Day is therefore still of great importance to highlight the issues and challenges facing women in South Africa – and is something more than 9 in 10 young people support.

“It’s also nice to know that for more than 80% of young people, the women in their lives can look forward to something special this Women’s Day.”

Some 91% of those interviewed felt celebrating Women’s Day was important, with 41% of those interviewed claiming they already had plans for Women’s Day.

About 40% intended to do something special, but were yet to plan anything, while 18% were either unsure, or not planning to do anything at the time of the survey.

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