No government employee to do business with government – Agang SA

By Mzukona Mantshontsho

“As Agang SA, we say no government employee should be doing business with government, that is totally unacceptable,” said Agang SA Leader Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, in a recent interview.
Agang SA“We launch this party at a time in the country when government is at a crossroads, when the things that we stood for as a country in 1994 are being undermined. Human dignity, freedom of speech, unemployment, under-development of the majority of the people in this country, one of the pillars of the Freedom Charter of ‘the people shall govern’, is being compromised,” said Ramphele. We need leadership with integrity and leadership that will be very decisive”.
Political analyst Professor Tinyiko Maluleke in the same interview said: “Agang SA does not have much of a track record, so it’s too soon to tell, I do feel that the launch is too late, looking at the fact that 2014 is upon us. I do feel there is room for improvement is South Africa – we strongly need leaders with integrity. Agang SA should mobilise more members if they are to be visible and on the ground and sell the ideals of the organisation, if they are to be effective”.
Dr Ramphele was quick to respond that they had 15,000 volunteers presently who are prepared to go to all the corners of the country and spread the message of Agang SA. “Digital platforms would be made use of, even to the dummest cellphone we can think of in the country, to communicate messages to the masses, so we are going to reach the people of this country,” she added.
“We have failed to have a proper education system, the dreams of the more than 60% population below the age of 35years, those dreams have to be brought back into the system. We are neglecting the services sector, and it’s probably the biggest in the country. We are arranging a summit to tackle our stagnant economy,” she said.
“The failure of leadership to deal with our health system is very disturbing. The land issue is another disturbing factor. Our government has not been imaginative in land ownership and supporting the new land owners to plough the land and make decent profits from the land. How many members of parliament and cabinet members own land in this country? You would be surprised! Hence, we are saying Agang SA will not allow government employees to do business with government, at any level.
“Hence, I am prepared to put all my assets of Agang website for all to see, I have nothing to hide,” she concluded.

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