Growth in June employment numbers

Pretoria – The number of people employed in the formal non-agricultural sector increased by about 0.5% or 42 000 people in the second quarter, said Statistics South Africa (Stats SA).

The June Quarterly Employment Statistics on Tuesday showed that the number of employed people in the formal non-agricultural sector in the second quarter rose to an estimated 8.425 million from the first quarter’s 8.383 million people in the first quarter.

Gross earnings that were paid to employees in the formal non-agricultural sector increased between the first and second quarter.

“The gross earnings paid to employees during the quarter ended in June 2012 (April to June) amounted to R352 479 million. This reflects a quarterly increase of R3 557 million or 1% compared with the quarter ended March 2012 (January to March 2012),” said the survey.

According to the survey, there was a quarterly increase of 3.8% in average monthly earnings paid to employees between February 2012 (an estimated R 13 143) and May 2012 (an estimated R13 647).

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