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New adviser to the Governors of SARB appointed

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has appointed Fundi Tshazibana as an adviser to the Governors of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) with effect from 19 February 2018. She will also become the seventh member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the SARB. Ms Tshazibana has 17 years of experience in public policy […]

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Affordable housing backlog: What else can be done?

By Oupa Masilela Providing dignified housing is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges, but it’s being made harder by a slow economy. The problem is also aggravated by unemployment levels and inflation hikes, which threaten the disposable income levels of consumers. The abovementioned conditions make it difficult to fund the 1.5-million new housing opportunities targeted […]

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Dti reopens applications for MCEP

The Department of Trade and Industry has reopened applications for the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP). “The current reflows of the industrial financing loan facility allows for a reopening of another window for pre and post-dispatch working capital loans, limited to R50 million for each qualifying manufacturer at a fixed rate of 4% per annum. […]

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Alliance brings cashless payments to townships

  South African mobile payments start-up, iKhokha, has teamed up with Mastercard to boost payment card acceptance at small businesses in informal settlements, while educating consumers and business owners on the benefits of using electronic payments instead of cash. Pilot project In the next six months, iKhokha aims to roll out 700 mobile point-of-sale terminals […]

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Meet New online Stock Exchange – Hybrid Stock Exchange

When we look back over the history of Stock Exchanges, we find that it had tremendous development over the years it has been in existence. The origin of trading in securities began in the 1300s where Venetians would carry slates with information on the various securities for sale and meet with clients, much like brokers […]

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All-inclusive approach needed to promote saving culture– financial expert

There is a crisis about which the country is in denial to address. In spite of frequent warnings from experts for South Africans to curb their spendthrift tendencies, more South Africans are committing their overstretched financial resources to servicing debt than saving for the rainy day. So says a financial planning expert, Cathy Lammas, in […]

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Affordable special home loans for families

Qualifying government employees and members of the public will now have the opportunity to access affordable housing finance following a R10.5 billion investment in SA Home Loans (SAHL). The Government Employees’ Pension Fund (GEPF), through its investment manager, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), on has launched a partnership to facilitate special home loan opportunities for […]

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Treasury signs Law to postpone annuitisation of provident funds

According to a statement from the National Treasury, President Jacob Zuma has signed the Revenue Laws Amendment Act into law to postpone annuitisation for provident funds. The new act affects provident fund members only, by delaying both the requirement for them to purchase an annuity at retirement and the ability to transfer accumulated retirement savings […]

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Weak rand poses real threat for the insurance industry

By Anees Vazeer The South African insurance industry needs innovative solutions to counteract the negative impact of the dramatic depreciation in the value of the rand since December 2015.  A sustained weak currency poses the real threat to catapult the well-established successful South African insurance industry into a struggling third world industry – with no […]

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Energy and Environment Partnership Southern and East Africa calls for proposals

As a challenge fund, the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with Southern and East Africa (EEP S&EA) ( is seeking high-quality applications for projects in the two regions that can contribute to the reduction of poverty by promoting inclusive and job-creating green economy and by improving energy security while mitigating global climate change. EEP is […]

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