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Transform SA distances itself from the letter and reports regarding party political decisions

A letter using a name that is confusingly similar to our Transform SA magazine – our registered trademark and corporate identity – is doing the rounds. This is very concerning to us as a business as it is causing unnecessary confusion among our business associates, readers and employees.

The letter makes reference and pronouncements regarding some political developments in South Africa and issues of leadership in the country.

Transform SA wishes to categorically disassociate itself from the letter, its contents and state for the record that we have no links, whatsoever, to the persons, organisations and intentions behind it.

We wish to put it on record that similar instances where our company name, brand and reputation was infringed have occurred in the past and we immediately set in motion processes to rectify the situation. It is unfortunate that after the short lull we are confronted with the latest developments.

In our view, the letter in question at best represents brand violation and at worst seeks to cast aspersions about our role as a non-partisan, professional business which was established in 2011.

Transform SA, and all our platforms, is guided by the universal ethics of journalism which emphasise impartiality, balance and adherence to the truth. We uphold strict professional standards in conducting our business. As such we are not linked to any political party, nor are we politically aligned to any views expressed in the contested political landscape of society. We are guided by the best interests of the whole country and all its people.

We use the combined strength of cutting-edge journalism and multi-media platforms (across print, digital and social media) to bring to the fore real insights, data and coverage on transformation that has over the years been relied upon by decision makers, industry experts, and investors in and around the continent.

As Transform SA, we have since inception championed issues around meaningful transformation in South Africa and the greater continent, based on fairness, equity and justice for all. Our values are founded on promoting active citizenry, unity in diversity and empowerment of all with tools for self-determination to fight poverty; end inequality; and create sustainable job opportunities. We take seriously any attempts to link our name, identity and corporate image to actions that may compromise our impartiality and independent political stance.

For that reason, we want to set the record straight by disassociating ourselves and companies from the letter in question and intentions of the individuals and organisations behind it.
We reserve our rights

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