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Digital transformation: Time to move beyond ‘human speed’


By Lenore Kerrigan, Country Manager, OpenText

‘Digital transformation’ is one of those very hot, very buzzy phrases that, rather confusingly, means many different things to different people. Simply put, it’s about using digital technology such as the cloud, mobile, Big Data and analytics to enable organisational change. This change makes it possible for businesses to adapt to fluctuating customer demands and shifting competition from rivals – both old and new – in the digital world.

 Iconic disrupters such as AirBnB and Uber have ripped up the rulebook and embraced digital technology to bring customers the services they want without needing to make huge capital investments. These companies may not own their own assets such as hotels or cars, but they have still changed customers’ purchasing behaviour and shaken up the transport and hotel industries in a way that was unimaginable a few years ago.

 As new “digital unicorns” begin to make their presence felt across markets, it is vital that established organizations digitize and automate their information, business processes, analytics and workflows. Otherwise they risk being left behind or, worse, put out of business.  As Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO and CTO of OpenText, in his book On Digital 1 explains: “Digital (disruption) advances our thinking on competitive theory.  To compete and win, one must disrupt, not just differentiate”.

 Albert Tay, Director: Financial Services for OpenText Asia Pacific & Africa will be presenting practical tips on how companies can flourish through relentless pace of change at the upcoming Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 26-28 Sept 2016 , a meeting of the global thought leaders and pioneers in the world of technology.



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